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Playdate-Fitness offers parents of toddlers and young children an opportunity to start getting active and healthy, to actually enjoy being fit again. You can finish an invigorating workout that will leave you a satisfied tired, rejuvenated and on your way back from those “mom jeans” to fitting in that pair of jeans you keep eyeing in your closet that you used to wear!
We always have a great time at playdate-fitness, the fitness bootcamp for parents.
Moms and dads a like all get in a great workout at playdate-fitness
Playdate-Fitness is the perfect chance for dads to gain back that youthful stamina, so you can wrestle and play sports with your child, without needing to take that time-out rest that requires the universally known hands-on-the-knees stance combined with deep breaths. Take the opportunity to get in shape, so you can tire them out, instead of the other way around.
running, climbing, jumping, all great ways for kids to be active.While you are achieving your personal fitness goals and setting a healthy example for your children, simultaneously, your children are active themselves, happy and entertained, playing with friends, under supervision of an experienced pre-school teacher. For many children of a young age, playing sports can still be frustrating, due to lack of skill and a relatively short attention span. Free play actually is the most effective form of physical activity/exercise, because it's fun! So, during Playdate-Fitness, your entire family will be exercising,  improving their fitness level and creating healthy habits. In addition to free-play, your toddler will experience many other fun activities, as part of our "pre-school-enrichment program" such as song, dance, nature walks and more!
How will Playdate-Fitness help you achieve your fitness goals?
When it comes to working out, it's not only the children for whom having fun is the most effective way to achieve fitness.
For someone to stick to a workout routine, it must be
a) enjoyable; if it's fun, you will keep doing it; and
b) effective, when you feel and/or see your body change, it will increase your motivation.
Never knew working out could be so much fun! Join one of our fitness bootcamps and have a blast!
Playdate-Fitness workouts do exactly that. Every Playdate-Fitness workout is unique and innovative exercises will keep your body and mind guessing for what's in store next, causing you to burn high amounts of calories both during and after your workout. Playdate-Fitness workouts provide a full-body workout, containing exercises targeting arms, thighs, buttocks and core to increase your muscle tone, improve your cardiovascular parameters, core strength, and flexibility. Dads that join Playdate-Fitness (possibly in addition to lifting weight)s can achieve a leaner and more defined physique.
The exercises throughout the Playdate-Fitness workouts are customized, according to each participant’s individual fitness level, i.e. everyone will be challenged and no one will feel left out.
Creativity is paramount in all our fitness bootcamps
All you have to bring to Playdate-Fitness is your own towel or mat/blanket for floor exercise and water for hydration and your will-power to change and you will leave a happy, healthier you.
Parents, as you might have heard in the media, the childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years. In 2010 1 in every 3 children was obese. It is all of our deep desires as parents to prevent our children from becoming part of this epidemic, and we can; by setting a good example in early childhood, creating healthy habits and living an active  life-style. Your children will become what you are, so be what you want them to be.
Positive change happens with every step toward being the person you want your children to become. Make that change today, contact us for the next Playdate Fitness event.
(562) 706-4990
Playdate-Fitness Hours:
Sat: 8:30a - 9:30a
Bloomfield Park
21420 Pioneer Blvd
Lakewood CA 90715
Playdate Fitness Cost:
$15 per workout (includes 1 adult, first child is free)
Additional adults: $10 p.p.
Additional children: $4 p.p.
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