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S&J Fitness presents Kickboxing, Boot Camp & Beyond:

The most exciting and results-producing workout available in the area by far!
Kickboxing, Boot camp & Beyond, as the title suggests, is the ultimate combination of the proven benefits of kickboxing, poured into a fitness boot camp format and supplemented by the most effective personal training exercises and tools to give you the most exhilirating exercise experience yet. 

Even though it's called fitness boot camp, the Kickboxing, Boot camp & Beyond at S&J Fitness and Kickboxing is a non-military style fitness boot camp that takes you far beyond common boot camps, as you will strap on your boxing gloves to hit, kick and punch target shields, punching bags and mitts.
Don't be intimidated, you don't have to be in tip-top shape to participate. Every exercise can be modified to accommodate the beginner level exerciser or to challenge
the advanced. It is truly a fitness boot camp for all!


Kickboxing, Boot camp & Beyond at S&J Fitness and Kickboxing offers a total-body conditioning workout that combines metabolism-boosting cardio moves with full-body toning moves to mobilize fat, incinerate calories and sculpt lean muscle throughout the entire body. Challenge yourself and get ready to sweat with an expert trainer in this exhilirating fitness boot camp experience. 

During Kickboxing, Boot camp & Beyond, you will learn how to burn fat, increase flexibility, and engage the core as you tone the abs, arms, legs glutes, shoulders, chest, obliques and back in this effective 50-60 minute workout. Kickboxing, Boot camp & Beyond will also enhance your endurance as you challenge all of the major muscle groups of the body using the latest and greatest in fitness tools and techniques, such as suspension training, kettlebell training, battling ropes, calisthenics, plyometrics, dumbells, superbands and more.

Kickboxing, Boot camp & Beyond at S&J Fitness and Kickboxing employs the training method of metabolic conditioning, as used by celebrity trainers and seen on tv shows like "the Biggest Loser", which will have your body burning fat and calories for hours after your fitness bootcamp workout is over, and therefore so much more effective than aerobics and running. 
All you will need is  a towel/yogamat, a bottle of water, boxing gloves (ask how to get them for free) and the determination to transform your body. 



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